Many times we’ve sat down after doing some crazy thing like cheating on someone; destroying something; accuse someone wrongly; got unnecessarily angry at someone; and ask ourselves silly (after the deed thoughts) but sincere questions like;
Did I really do that?
Did I really say that?
Why did I do that?
I shouldn’t have done that;
I should have acted like this;

Those are our reaction after our every actions, I called them SILLY BUT SINCERE in the sense that we all probably know we shouldn’t have done that in the first instance; those action sound being sincere but they sound silly to us for asking/questioning ourselves on deed that had already been done.

The philosophy of this is simple but before then let’s ask our self the question WHY AM I READING THIS; WHY AM I (THE WRITER) WRITING ABOUT THIS; it simple – CORRECTION, how we can make our reactions sound like YES I DID THE RIGHT THING; but that depends on KNOWING MAYBE YOU DID THE RIGHT which we all always want to admit we are on the right side.

Knowing the kind of action you take at any moment when you have situation like these; you actions something cause reactions that affect you physically and psychologically; your behavior toward other different thing; your mood and something your action produce reactions that makes you feel fulfilled and sometimes put you down. I could remember doing my kids day, being a playful boy due to my playful neighborhood which I still stay till time of this post, my dad; a strict man (which am now happy he was that way then) would warn me not to play soccer so as not to dirty my cloth which I did a lot then, but I wouldn’t listen and get punish at night when he comes back from work and was told of my action. But sincerely being a child or not I KNEW every day that what I was doing was wrong and I knew and expected repercussion but during the FEW MINUTE JOY OF ACTION I underestimated and neglect all possible consequences! That’s it, THE JOY OF ALL THE ACTIONS WE TAKE; but then why regrets IF there’s ANY JOY THAT’S GREATER THAN ALL CONSEQUENCES of your actions. That’s where I call the point of knowing RIGHT/WRONG ACTION!! But mind you some action might be RIGHTFULLY WRONG yep! We’ve seen convicts who are happy and don’t regret their actions, then we ask ourselves is that action WRONGFULLY RIGHT. With this it is incomplete to say what you regret is wrong and what you are happy about is right?

Sometimes a sex addict who had series of his-so-called relationship and lost the ones who had loved him/her would probably might not regret his action because he has enjoined some sweet period of sex life (in-his-so-called-mind) but believe me somewhere in his heart; maybe atimes when he/she encounter a happy couple who are living comfortable with their children, he/she is sure to envy them. That’s regretting is action in a RIGHTFULLY WRONG way – RIGHTFULLY because it’s not too late and there’s still hope and chance for correction but WRONG in the sense that his/her action was wrong and might sometimes be late or very risky that could damage any possibility of it being RIGHT.

The ability of knowing something Right to what’s Wrong is more than JUST knowing your right hand from your left hand like the adult will say; if that’s even true then why do adult make silly mistake?, why do they regret their actions? Although no one is perfect BUT our accuracy is measured by the patience-time taken…

So what do you think? Do you think it’s normal to regret our negative actions? How do you think we should reduce the high rate of regretful actions among Nigerian youth?



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