finacial breakthrough 2
There is a drop of greatness in every man. Deep within everyone is a desire to move higher, earn more and live better. Many wait fervently and pray for financial breakthrough through year-after-year. They are waiting for more money because they believe money will solve their problems.

We keeping looking for money to start a new business and as far as they are concerned the extra cash we’ve had in school, allowance, money used to buy the new Blackberry phones, Monthly BIS Subscription, expensive attachment (Brazilian Hair) and nail fixing are not money but nevertheless these are things we admire as youths. The types of money we are looking for has to come out at once in huge chunk, we believe it cannot come little by little.

As we move on with our lives, year after year we regret our unfulfilled financial hopes and pray for a better coming year but the fact still remains that if we keep doing same thing you’ll always get same result and if action are not taking towards prayer and hopes, you may be waging a lost battle.

Having money come into your hand is not even the issue, but having the capacity to manage the money which is the crux of the matter. If we sit back and tabulate the amount of money that has pass through you in last 5 years; u will be amaze at how large a sum it is. The truth I’ve learnt is if we don’t develop sound money management skill, more money including financial breakthrough will be like water on the duck’s back. The only thing we would have to show for is expensive lifestyle that requires more income to sustain.

Moving to the next level financially also means having the capacity to remain there rather than falling back when the money runs out. Hence, having instantaneous abundance is not the issue, but mobbing to the level of abundance.
In short, the most important secret is personal growth and development if you want to master money rather than becoming a slave to it. We have to intentionally seek knowledge on the subject of money which help change ones mindset regarding finance; the way you think and ultimately your actions. Learning does not end within the four walls of school; that is where it actually begins. It is a lifelong activity. It is an integral part of personal growth. There is a skill standing between you and your next goal. It is your job to discover what it is and learn it. Every skill is learnable, nobody was born with the skill they now have as expert was once a novice.

I will end by saying the Financial breakthrough we need is the skill to manage money, to be a good agent in the area of finances. When we get to that place abundance is not far away!



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