zoom past ur limitation
zoom past ur limitation

Every four years, the world’s attention turns to the summer Olympic Games for a few days, men and women from around the world gather to compete against the best. Watching the summer games nowadays, it is almost difficult to remember that only a few decades ago, track and field expert pompously declared that no runner could break the four-minute-mile barrier. Ostensibly, a human couldn’t run that fast, far, for that length of time. “Expert” conducted all forms of profound studies to show it was impossible to beat the four-minute- barrier. And for years, they were right. Nobody ever ran a mile in less than four minute.

But one day, a young came along who didn’t believe the expert’s opinions. He didn’t on the impossibilities. He refused to let all the negative words form a strong hold in his mind. He began to train, believing he was going to break that record. Sure enough, he went out one day and he broke the four-minute-mile barrier. He did what the expert said couldn’t be done. His name was Roger Barrister and he made sport history.

This is what I find interesting about that man’s story; within ten years after Roger Barnister broke the record, 336 other runners had broken the same four-minute-mile record. Dear readers, the barrier to running a four-minute-mile was in the athletes mind. You will never go beyond the barriers in your own mind. If you think you can’t do something, then you never will.
– If you think you can improve in your academic, then you CAN
– If you think the world will know you for your impact, then it is possible.

Dear friend, you can be whatever you propose to be.

Writer: Adeleye Tomiwa (idriftonline contributor)


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