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This topic have been discussed severally by many authors through writing, oral and even in action such as movies but ask yourself has it reduce the rate of cheating problem in relationship. But have you ever thought about it that somehow in a relationship you have to cheat.
The below list are what some will call SILLY reasons why people will cheat in their relationship
– Cheat in relationship as Natural
– Fulfilled happiness
– Sex
– Updating
Like I said they are silly but believe me they are more than enough reason why you will surely cheat in your relationship.

Natural? Yes; many cheat on their spouse NOT BECAUSE THEY WANT TO but BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO! For what reason you ask; revenge? New experience? Emotional dissatisfaction? Mention more. In a relationship partners feel the best way to have effective impact solution to all these reasons above is to require or get them elsewhere; and sometimes because it is natural for human being to get tired of doing same thing over again, some feel no matter how good a book is after reading all pages you appreciate it but the next step is to find a new good book…such it is that they want to explore with a different material; the feeling of not being appreciated for what you do in a relationship create emotional dissatisfaction and cheating experience once will cleanse the feeling which makes it seem like a better choice BUT all these are not you want to cheat but because you have to! It’s like a call you have to answer even though you don’t want to listen to the caller’s voice. But believe me your inability to say NO is why you’ve always been caught in this act.

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Many aged relationship will tell you their secret to such long lasting relationship is their understanding and most importantly the HAPPINESS they’ve shared over the years. The sense of belonging, trust, love, self-discipline, self-satisfaction is what combines to make you happy even when your environment is full of sadness. If these are missing the next option is to search for your hopeful FULFILLED HAPPINESS somewhere else which promotes cheating.

SEX! The desire for sexual freedom, sexual practice and the fun in it are key secret in keeping that relationship. If one is being denied of their sexual satisfaction by the other partner and further denial or dissatisfaction over the method of sexual practice. It is a push to somewhere else, we feel the latter is cheating and we are push into doing even without solid evidence of the latter doing such.

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My new Anti-virus software update to a new version to provide more, better and reliable security and catch new virus whereas my formal doesn’t which prompt me to getting a new one; if you are not updating your pattern of living, style of fun, sexual practice, style of doing things in general, you leave your spouse to no choice than to go after updated men/women to fulfill that sense of brand new and modernization.

My controversial conclusion would be that cheating is natural BUT don’t take it too personal and never NORMAL when you find yourself being cheat on…just handle it naturally. If we all can have a smooth relationship there won’t be a reason for this post but we will all work towards having a better one which HAPPINESS will be a special key to.

Don’t forget to leave your comment on your view pertaining to why people cheat in a relationship



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