Before compiling this list i was a bit hesitant as some of the list actually might be the opposite for some people as they might naturally occur and experiencing it just once or a few times shouldn’t be use to judge that such person loves you as the post title says but a continual experience of such event might possibly implies that you are in love with that person.

love 1

–          You are anxious when you are around that person

–          You always find excuse to talk about that person

–          That person makes you feel special and good about yourself

–          You never want to make mistake when you are with that person

–          You feel very contended when you and that person are together more than anything would make you feel

–          You are more yourself when with that person than you are with anybody

–          You feel jealous; which you likely might want to hide which you won’t convincingly be able to do when you see the opposite sex closely associating with that person even when they have nothing of such you might be thinking

love 2

–          You share your secret (joy/pains) with that person even when you’ve promised not to talk about it

–          You trust that person not to betray you or hurt your relationship

–          You never feel the need to test the loyalty or feeling of that person

it should be noted that the writer is just a writing from the little survey he has done within him, friends and his immediate environment as other features might probably a negative action towards that person such as:

images (83)

– You always want to get in aruguement with that person

– You always talk bad jokingly behind that person

– You always like sharing things with that person such as food and other stuff

comment by adding your own though on this list or some signs you think might be added to the list


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