What have you chosen to give


In a world where only lion exist…..they will starve to death
In a nation where only entrepreneurs exist…life will be unbalance
Life is all about symbiotic benefits…all these aforementioned will serve as the basis of my article today.
Nigeria, an emerging market, the only nation in the world that has experienced a rampant growth of about 7% over the past few years, a nation flowing with milk and honey, a nation in which footsteps has trodden upon aimlessly with no direction and a nation that has given birth to the world greatest people, a nation in which it event has build great minds and shattered hopes, a nation with agriculture and natural gases. All these contrast has formed a nation so expectant for greatness.
There is 170 million population,  nothing is working, over 23 million student graduate every year with less than a million employment opportunity. What is the way forward? , every graduate want a white Collar job that isn’t enough as compared to the population yet every man of God says “God has created us to be rich and successful ” But if the world is only meant for bankers to keep our money, doctors to maintain our health, lawyers to fight for justice, achitect to design out building and So on then,  who will be available left to people basic services such as painting the houses,  cleaning our surroundings, sowing our attires, making our hair, supplying our Water, manufacture our soap and so on. If there isn’t, does that mean vocation and entrepreneur is the answer to Nigeria? Again, is there any certainty that every graduate will be successful in their course of being an entrepreneur.
YES- Every being is created to be rich and successful, But until every man is able to dream,have vision and define his purpose.
(1) Dream– every man can dream as it is a succession of image, ideas, emotions, and sensation that occurs voluntarily in the mind. In this context, dream is free, conceivable in the mind and it is the first step towards being rich and successful,  no dream is too big to acquire and no dream is too small to dispose.
(2) Vision- vision in this context, is the mental picture of a desired future,  until you learn to walk in track with your dream and put in place some plans and principles, you don’t have a vision, unlike your dream, your vision should be visible and must be accompanied with a short and long term goal/plan in making it come to reality.
(3) Purpose– everybody in life do What they do and created into existence for a purpose. It can only be revealed by the Almighty God.  Our purpose is the reason why we want to be What we want to be in life. Jesus purpose on earth was to save the whole world,  what’s your purpose on earth?
we are the youth, we are the Nigeria we live in, we are the future and the future is in our hands.
What have u chosen to give?


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