8 Sleeping Positions & Their Effects on Health

1The sleeping position is the body configuration assumed by a person during or prior to sleeping.
It has been shown to have health implications, particularly for babies. Research by Chris Idzikowski, the director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, has suggested that the choice of position may indicate the type of person the sleeper is.
From the survey of 1000 people, eight positions were identified and claimed to detect personality traits based on them:
• Fetus (41%) – curling up in a fetal position. This was the most common position, and is especially popular with women.
• Log (15%) – lying on one’s side with the arms down the side.
• Yearner (13%) – sleeping on one’s side with the arms in front.
• Soldier (8%) – on one’s back with the arms pinned to the sides.
• Freefall (7%) – on one’s front with the arms around the pillow and the head tilted to one side.
• Starfish (5%) – on one’s back with the arms around the pillow.
The remaining 11% stated their position varied or did not know. A Canadian survey found very different preferences, with 39% of respondents preferring the “log” position and 28% preferring to sleep on their side with their legs bent.

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In what position do you sleep most often? It turns out this is a very important question. Getting enough sleep is the most important thing – but did you know that how you sleep can also impact your health?

Sleeping on your back with your arms at your side is generally considered to be the best sleeping position for spine health and it’s good for your neck too, as long as you don’t use too many pillows.

That said, back sleepers tend to snore more than those in any other position and sleep apnea is strongly associated with sleeping on the back.

Let’s take a look at eight common sleeping positions and what they do to your body.







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