If you have been yearning for an opportunity to display your lyrical talent, here is youre opportunity; register online HERE or send your name through SMS to  39405  and you will be given that chance you’ve always yearn for!

The VS Class will feature three episodes in 2014 to begin with and have well-known MCs & Lyricists and DJs in the Nigerian music industry as guests on the show.

You have an opportunity to be initiated into a Very Special Class of only extremely gifted lyricists in Nigeria.

“The VS Class” which kicks off from Thursday 10th April 2014, addresses various Hip Hop conversations including Hennessy’s image as HipHop’s number one spirit as well as the celebration of hip hop, both in the local and international entertainment industries. Along with selecting the next MI or Jay Z among the rap contenders, the show will also feature some of Nigeria’s rap icons who have marked their names in the hearts of many.

They are also searching to promote young rappers by giving them a platform where they can develop their talents to the maximum.

Register @ http://www.thevsclass.com or Send TheVSClass and your name as an SMS to 39405.



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