in pain even when the body is at rest;

when the body denies you of what you’ve cherished so much;

even when the thought of them never skipped your heart;

the soul unsettled like a boiling pot of soup;

when the heart beats like it’s almost at the finish line;

and the only rhythm you hear is as silent as grave yard;

Suddenly; the feeling of getting up from the unseen rest arose;

but all to no avail your body fail to move a hitch


when trouble and pain is as holy as the spirits;

as you feel lifeless even when think you feel blood flow through your vain;

and the world felt as perfect as hell;

and you feel you’ve crush your door with just your fist;

when the unimaginable happens without explanation;

and the breeze scatters everywhere as thick as a feathered wood


…but listen;

to the chronological drum beat coming from afar;

at its sight is an unseen drummer;

where sounds such as that heard at the funeral of a village Chief flows without order;

which immediately roused shout and mourn of sorrow combined with pain;

and tear drops that creates musical note follows in a unique pattern;

that dissolves beautiful dreams and aspiration and turns them into ashes from burnt paper;

ashes that scatter at the sight of thick feathered wood


rapidly! a distance shadow scream pierce through the dark;

it whispers wake up! in a shallow voice that could fade at the slightest of noise;

it came again but this time in a more shallow manner like it never exist;

and veins immediately came gushing with blood like the river that just regains freedom;

as i felt hairs on my skin back to life as if released after being chained for decades;

and my eyes lit open like the struck match amidst darkness;

as i stare at my mum whose wake up voice were now clearer


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