FAYROUZ L’ORIGINAL COMPETITION – the fayrouz expression show


ABOUT:Fayrouz L’Original Expression Show is designed to give young undergraduates with unique creative abilities a platform to showcase their original works for a chance to win amazing prizes and opportunities.

Employing fashion and style as the creative outlet, Fayrouz L’Original will see teams of four young creatives- Model, Photographer, Fashion Designer and Make-up Artiste put together completely original ensembles; competing against one another until a grand winner emerges. To drive this world-class show-down is a very distinguished panel of judges, a carefully selected number of personalities who over the years have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.

The show is open to undergraduates of universities across Nigeria: with an online registration and shortlist to achieve the top 10 teams that will battle at Regional shows in Lagos and Enugu. Highest scoring team at the Lagos and Enugu Regionals show will be then be housed, mentored and prep for the Grand Finale a massive show that will have celebrities and the big names in the fashion industry in attendance.

GRAND PRIZE: $20,000 for the grand prize winning team.


  • Do you have an active matriculation number or call-up number?
  • Are you bursting at the seams with creative ideas?
  • Do you have an urgent need to express your creativity?

Then you need to shoot pictures that speak a million words (Photographer), have the looks and walk to set the runway on fire (Model), exhibit your flair for creating unconventional fashion designs (Fashion Designer), and create art with a blush, scissors and comb (Hair and Make-Up Artist).

Are you an Original Team with these 4 personalities? Then come show your stuff on The Fayrouz L’Original Expression Show; Nigeria’s biggest Fashion and Lifestyle competition. Registration starts on the 1st of April and ends on the 28th of April 2014.

HOW TO REGISTER; in 5 simple steps

  • Go to fayrouzloriginal.com/register/
  • Create a portfolio by filing out the form provided.
  • Put your team together
  • Complete the given task.
  • Submit your entry.


Designer:  Budding fashion designer with strong conceptualization potential. Ability to give original interpretations to the themes supplied with Strong drawing and sewing skills.

Model: Good-looking, good bone structure with a proper body posture and height of not less than 5 ft 9”. Naturally photogenic and/or a good knowledge of ones “angles”. Good posture and a strong runway walk (learned or natural).

Photographer: Young, up and coming photographer with an eye for precision and detail. Ability to design sets and execute shoots based on a variety of subjects.

Make Up/Hair Stylist: Dynamic make-up and hair artiste adept at creating looks that complement given themes. Ability to provide high standard finish and detailing.


ELIGIBILITY: Fayrouz L’Original (Season 1) is only open to undergraduates, fresh graduates and currently serving corps members.

Task Completion/ Submission: More than one entry submission per team will earn you a disqualification. You are allowed to draw inspiration but outright plagiarism will not be tolerated at all stages of the competition.

Mentorship Consultancy: On qualification, each winning regional team will be assigned a style mentor who will provide necessary mentorship and guidance as it relates to the given task execution.

Team Formation:Each Original (model, photographer, designer, Hair&make-up artiste) can only belong to one team. You are to choose a team leader from amongst you. Each team is to choose an original name for itself by which they will be referred to throughout the competition.



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