LOVE don’t need to be spoken, love should be acted upon, that doesn’t mean that we should suppress every word of truth But rather utter it in love, to love, we must never be rude, never needlessly speak a severe word, never give needless pain to a sensitive soul, never censure human weakness….following is a story to Foster unspoken love…”I love you” A phrase foreign to Derek. At least those magic words had never slipped through the lips of the person he desperately long to hear them from —DAD. In the middle of a bitter December night,  Derek suddenly awoke and sat bolt upright. Adrenaline surged through his body.it had been a dream, a bad one. In it Dad had died.he rushed to dad’s room and asked “dad do u love me”, his father with no words to say, draw him closer and hugged him….that love is more than words, how do we show love to our parent let alone our friends?… why don’t you be a friend that after many years of departure, they can still refer to you as the best friend anybody can ever have. The little love we show and share determines the height of success we shall acquire in the nearest future……so please don’t hold back your love…
Reach out to the young…and show them care…
Reach out to the old and show them understanding…
Reach out for the peers and show them affection…give to them, receive from them, teach them ,learn from them, allow them, follow them, talk to them, hear from them…..LOVE ISN’T ONE SIDED


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