Each year, the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management offers a limited number of scholarships to the ESMcom Executive Master of Sciencce in Communications Management’s candidates residing and employed outdoor Switzerland. They intend to reinforce the relationship amongst global public relations and communications professionals and communication professionals, constantly advancing day-to-day practice and development academic networks.

ENTRY DEADLINE – October 17, 2014


The Global Alliance scholarships, based on financial need, are available to applicants who do not receive employer assistance in funding their executive education. Candidates have to:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years work experience
  • Work in a communication-related department
  • Live and work outside of Switzerland
  • Be fully self- funding their EMScom education


 Please follow these steps

  1. Download the application package on the EMScom website and send the documents duly filled and signed to HERE. The EMScom application deadline is October 31, 2014. The program works on a rolling admission policy, so please make sure that you are admitted to the EMScom (non-binding) before October 17, 2014.
  2. Fill in the GA scholarship application form below and send it electronically and in hard copy to the Global Alliance by October 17, 2014 at the latest. The candidate might be convoked for an interview by one of the Global Alliance Board members.           

            Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management 

c/o USI Università della Svizzera italiana

Via Giuseppe Buffi 13

CH-6900, Lugano



  1. The final decision concerning the scholarship will be communicated to the candidate by November 12, 2014. The candidate has 5 (five) working days to decide whether he/she accepts the scholarship.


For more information, download the GA Scholarship Application Form 


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