LAGOS 767? A First-Timer Experience

One! Two! Three! Push!!…was the voice that echoed at the return lane of the Cement-Iyana Dopemu route of the Abeokuta Express Road, Lagos at about 11pm as responsive youths push over the extremely dented car putting the four tires in their right standing positions.

Enjoying the cool breeze of the night on our bungalow household veranda while arguing about soccer matters with my fellow tenants whose aim was also to enjoy the cool breeze outside as the fate of electricity supply could not be fathomed after a long surely stressful day seen to conclusion by the backing of the usual traffic slowdown on most Lagos roads.

Tire screech and finally GBAWWWUH! was the alarming sound that called the argument to halt as we fled towards the direction of the sound without saying a word to one another which on my way I had pronged to collect my phone and especially my towel from the room to cover my skinny body although others left with their shorts only.

On getting to the accident environment which was just a stone-throw from my compound I immediately dialed “767”, the Lagos State Emergency from my mobile phone which was already pre-saved as a contact. Surprisingly without the normal ringing usually expected from dialing a number, my call was immediately picked by the supposed emergency representative as he immediately requested the nature of my emergency which I replied: Car Accident, he further requested for the location of the accident which I described to him while further explaining the possibly situation on ground as he no dey breath o!, water!, another one still dey inside o! ran through my ears like a sharp thunder strike amidst different rowdy voices that came at the scene of the accident across the road. He finally asked my name and requested I confirm am the owner of the phone number I was calling with which I did but still sees no reason why it was necessary in attending to my emergency report.

After about 10-15minutes the call was made. A Lagos State Ambulance drove past me as it moved in the direction of the turning point along the road to access the return lane where the accident occurs. Medical attentions were reported to be immediately given to the four (4) victims and the van moved to an unknown destination. Probably to a government hospital for further treatment.

For a first-timer experience who had witnessed series of road accident along the Lagos-Abeokuta Express Road as I have lived in this vicinity for over a decade I praise the improvement of the Lagos State Government as previous emergency system and experience had been a waste of time as several calls to their end are mostly ignored and luckily when it is answered valuable time are wasted to calls re-directed to a call machine. The most annoying part is the blaring of siren probably hours after the incident has taken place.

“Kudos”, as I commend the Lagos State Government on such improvement although more work need to be done on responding timeframe as no doubt location is also a determinant. I pray for the quick recovery and good health of the victims.



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