I know i do not know much but the questions keep running miles in my mind that “WHO ELSE SHOULD KNOW MORE THAN ME”, Who else can know the status of my beloved country if not for me that is born and raised HERE

who else should know that if critical actions are not taking NOW Nigeria is becoming a failure;

who else should know more about the array of bloodshed happening minute to minute,

who else should know better that terrorism is creeping in like a time winged chariot,

that kidnapping is so profound that even a church-rat is allegedly kept behind the sun against its wish,

illiteracy and ignorance beating time to a race of civilization,

tomorrows future are being held back to a life of no purpose


Who am i to criticize the wrong doings of the nation,

who am i to blame the government for the backward race in time,

who am i to blame the people for their addiction to drugs,

who am i to blame me for failing in where i should i thrived the most,

forgetting that we are the nation, the government, the people,

forgetting that it begins and ends with us.


If you are a writer…take your pen

Speaker….grab your microphone

Solider……..take your gun

Youth…….use your energy

Old……utilize your wisdom

child…let your mind wide open to learn

And let this work towards bringing a change to our dying world, lets join hand together and *BRING BACK OUR GIRLS*

Inspiration from me….A youth in diaspora


what choice does our kids have to education

what choice does our kids have to education


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