People say love is magical…. Is that true?

People say love is sacrifice…. Is that true?

Well, I’ll say love is reciprocal. Love without reciprocation is a deadly disease which kills really fast. When you love, your love should be reciprocated.

Love comprises of the positivities and negativities of life.

The way you nurture your love determines how good it turns out to be.

The moment you start cheating behind the one you claim to love, you tend to be in bondage of guilt. This makes you unhappy with both parties even if they both do things that make you happy on a normal day.

Do not be covetous in terms of love.

You meet different people everyday but the moment you promise yourself to abide by the ties of your relationship, these people you meet do not get a chance of destroying your love life.

Seal your heart from love destroyers; they come into your life not to contribute positively to your relationship, but to destroy it in order to have access into your life, mess with it and leave like you both never had an intimate relationship though not everyone does that.

Beware of the ones you call friends. Not everyone feels happy that your relationship is close to perfection.

Trust no one and disclose nothing to friends. Just like Drake said, “Fuck Fake Friends”. There are a lot of them out there.

Watch out!!!



Bello Omolola – iDriftonline Contributor





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