In times of hardship;

When tear are the closest friend of the eye;

When the beauty of life divulge no meaning;

When courage and urge to keep fighting for survival are long forgotten;

When the desire and the need to live stood strong but the ability to do so are long gone;

When sadness sit on the throne of ones heart;

Weakening the innermost determination and bravery;

When dreams crumble like they never exist;

When the roots of mental problems, the source of stress are awaken;

When the trail of redundancy and dormancy are the best route of escape;

As it is always easier to bleed than to sweat;

As even the obstacle of the past keep threatening the future gateway;

And you get knocked down many time and again

Questioning oneself; must life be this way


now PLAY;

Pain can be endured, defeated;

Only if it is embraced;

Denied or feared, it grows in perception;

But believe me and never forget that;

After the battle of hardship is won;

The scar will remain;

Then at that moment…

We pause to think about hardship

But it is better for a man to lose both arms than his soul.

take a pause once awhile to think about hardship



Image Credit: ShutterStock, Google Image


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