black_baby_smilingYOU ARE A SPECIAL CHILD” these were the words of my grandmother who held me close to her the day I was born.

Soon, I was old enough to ask, sensible enough to see and knowledgeable enough that I know nothing

So I asked maami, “If I am a miracle child”;


Why did my father left my mother when I was yet young?

Why was I not intelligent like others in school?

Why was it easy for me to smile from the face and not from the mind?

Why did I have to leave home even before I could take care of myself?

Why do I have to do menial jobs in different places for a token?

Why do I have to wonder about to see the harsh realities of life?

Why was I poor and unemployed?

Then maami replied and said, “Can you get to the top of a ladder without ever starting from the bottom?

Immediately, I understood that being poor is a privilege that needs to be used for the greater good of mankind.

Starting from the bottom, I was able to understand what it feels to never have parental love and being depressed. So I was able to motivate and talk friends out of low self-esteem

I was able to understand the difference in the countryside and the metropolis point of view.

I was able to understand that if the poor is given an opportunity to get rich, he will make a substantial use of it.

I was able to understand that if a youth can be employed and empowered, he will empower so much more people thereby reducing poverty

I was able to understand that if only we see ourselves as brothers, we will forget our diverse colors, culture and religion.

Perhaps, I am really a special child! Because I have come from the bottom to experience a whole lot of things.

Perhaps, this has helped me in my crave and knowledge in advocacy for a world free of terrorism, racism and poverty

Perhaps, being poor is a blessing in disguiseBABY






  1. Grt job tommy!, we r special in as much as we can see stumbling blocks on our way of progress as stepping stones to that greater height…


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