it’s over 100 days now. we eat, we drink, we merry and laugh with our teeth visible and our jaws hurting, yet we forget that there are kids wanting. They are out there with not enough water to drink, who merry in sorrow and whose smile can only be remembered some over 100 days ago.

Some 100 days ago?

Children who are supposed to flex in the comfort of their home covered with blanket from the cold and protected by their parent are abandoned to face the brutal and harsh reality of life.

I am a fighter; in those days when i was a minor, i lost my mother and my father was a very busy man that left me to alone to face the cruelty of a step mum in a country where the law is like shit which nobody cares about. i left home, slept outdoor, eat junks, suffered, didn’t change my clothing, hardly had my bathe, didn’t wear perfume, i was deformed and nearly couldn’t breath as I was closer to the gate of death. Even so, a thought of all these cannot be compared to a life forced to cry at the sight of gun and fierce face of brutal men, lads and ladies dehumanised at the point of a gun, broken and left to pick up their pieces at the spot of chaos. They are left to cry out blood and yet left to console themselves alone, they are left to nurture their nightmares with no shoulder to cry on, our children and sisters are compelled to loosing the will to live- I IMAGINE

He who says he suffered more life-threatening and hysterical situation should tread the footstep of the “experienced” children and he/she would discover that the children who has survived over an 100 days at the hands of death itself are the strongest the world can ever have

Therefore, i call out to every parent in the world who is capable of making a change, every policy maker who has heard the little voice of their wards utter a word with love. i plead that they use whatever they have at their disposal to end this crime against innocent children and this crime against the all indispensable humanity.

We can be indomitable only if we love our children and also the children of others; don’t forget, it is past 100 days and some parents are still crying, hoping and dying



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