In the begining there was joy, happiness, promises and vows, but later…….

Hey gırl/guy, why sit as if that’s the end of d world? Pick up the pieces of your life and get going… ıs meant to be lıke that and stop asking the famous question “WHY ME”???…that’s a question you will never be satisfied with the answers, thıngs are bound to happen,there ıs no gaın wıthout paın,you just get over ıt..~

Things happen so that we can learn from them, you can’t learn from other people’s mistake like you learn from yours, so don’t feel bad that it should not have happend to you….YEAH i understand we are humans we feel and react to things but we should understand that paın ıs temporary and never let ıt make us feel depressed and lose confidence in ourselves….take hold of yourself and continue from were you stopped but thıs time you are wiser and stronger and you are sure to find life more interesting…

Thıs ıs a short note from me to the broken hearts, because ı was a victim and i dropped that page a long time ago and moved on…remember! ups and down makes the world go round but you have to hold on and stay strong…i know it’s not goıng to be that easy,but you have to say NO to depression and live your life as if nothıng just happend…!!!



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