Am here…
Ywep am Still here…
All I’ve always wanted is to be here and just here

Though I have been here for a long time;
I still can’t fully believe I’m totally and fully finally here
I’ve strive enough to be here;
I fought so hard to be here;
I waited long enough to be here;
Even if I won’t be here for longer time, being here now is all I got now
Even if I won’t get all the happiness and sweetness I dreamed and wished for being here;
Even if I have to lose the precious of myself to be here;
Am ready to forgo them for this moment.

Most times being here is just all I need
Though being here makes me smile but they won’t stop reminding me of where I came from The place I came from…
where all I had always wished for is to be here
Now I wonder why I’m even here because I’m not totally convened that am fully and finally right here
The thing is…
There’s always a here after a here
So we can’t stop chasing after the hope of being at ‘a new here’
But no matter where you are; either here or there
There’s always something special about that moment
So value and enjoy it while you are here


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