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20 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from Olamide Badoo

I know right? Of all people, Olamide Badoo!

There are no doubts that Olamide’s music influence the average Nigerian youths both on and off the street, motivating them in their own language, through their most understandable generally acceptable means of communication; ‘Music’! not just music like we all expect or define to be ‘inspirational and motivational’ but NIGERIAN INDIGENOUS RAP MUSIC recipe in a mixture of raw ‘YORUBA LANGUAGE’ and ‘Pidgin English’.

After reading Tomiwa Adeleye IsaacThere Be Mentors” article. I was truly convened that Olamide was part of those he refer to in this excerpt of his article;

“Mentors are everywhere. They are in high places and low. They are eloquent through their actions but also in the stillness of their patience. They will often speak poorly, with bad grammar or strong accents…”

 As a big fan I like to steal and grab uncensored inspiration from his songs which is why am sharing with you ‘My 20 Best Inspiration and Motivational Quotes’ from some of Olamide’s tracks randomly selected + exclusive quote image for your download.

I hope at the end of this post you will inspire to share some of your best Olamide’s Quote.



  1. “I fell off after my first album now am back again. I no go let dem gimme first attack again ” –  Track Title: Confession 

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This quote is a true definition of ‘hard work’, ‘continuous-strive’, dedication and commitment. Because you’ve failed once doesn’t mean you should relent. His continuous strive and dedication has no doubt definitely worked for him, his albums has always been the most anticipated as he stands out to be Nigerian best indigenous rapper.





2. “Won ni mo proud tori mo mope hustle mi sure fun mii”  Track Title: Confession 

 CLOSE TRANSLATION: “They said am getting proud because I know my hustle sure to succeed”.alt="Olamide Quote 2"

There’s nothing wrong in being proud of oneself when you’ve put in all the hard work, commitment and dedicated your time to achieving a goal. With commitment and dedication to a task you’re sure to succeed, then there’s nothing wrong in being proud of your success.




  1. “If it’s not making money it’s not making sense”  Track Title: Prayer for Client

alt="Olamide Quote 3"

Knowing your target end-result and sticking to it is a major way of focusing when aiming at a goal. So if it not yielding related result then it’s not making sense. This will help in not wasting non-recoverable time and resources on unrealistic projects.



  1. “Emi chase dreams mi, mi o ma care beni body kun” Track Title: Awon goons mi

          CLOSE TRANSLATION: “Am chasing my dreams, I don’t care if anybody mumble over it”.

alt="Olamide Quote 4"

Somewhere along the way in our life, some people will have problem with what we do or aspire. That’s their problem, not ours. So just focus and chase that dreams.


  1. “Won ri ilagun ati tears pelu gbogbo ito ti mo pu sori mic” Track Title: Awon goons mi

CLOSE TRANSLATION: “They never saw my sweat, tears and all the saliva I left on the mic”.

alt="Olamide Quote 5"

The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra; your struggling and striving days aren’t going to be passionately noticed or talked about but once you keep pushing and you finally achieve, they’ll surely be the talk of town.




  1. “They say I’m in a hurry, won ni oju kanmi. F**k what they say, ko si nkan to’kan mi”            Track Title: Picture

CLOSE TRANSLATION: “They say I’m in a hurry, they say I’m in a haste. F**k what they say cos I don’t care about it”.

alt="Olamide Quote 6"

Achieve dreams and goal by being focus and not letting the side talks here and there slow you down.


  1. “We can’t feel the same pain, the same way, some go shine, some go sigh, some go shout, ewee. So don’t blame me, don’t blame me now if you can’t see the picture”

    Track Title: Picture

    alt="Olamide Quote 7"

I’ll define this as a means of saying what works for the goose might not work favorable for the gander. So find your path and stick with what suit and works for you. We can’t feel the same pain, same way!




  1. “Eat with your niggas do not compete with your niggas” 

    – Track Title: Hustle Loyalty Respect

    alt="Olamide Quote 8"

Staying loyal and earning your respect among your love ones (niggas) during your hustling days and when success finally comes are teaching from the above quote.




  1. “Mi o le foribale fun orisha, ade wa lori mi, I’m never gonna look down, I carry ,my chin up”

    – Track Title: Hustle Loyalty Respect

CLOSE TRANSLATION: “I can’t bow for the idols, crown on my head, I’m never gonna look down, I carry my chin up”

alt="Olamide Quote 9"

Confidence and strong believe in oneself are keys to overcoming the biggest task and challenge.





  1. “Nobody to fun mi l’opportunity kin le shey bi mi shey like” Track Title: Awon goons mi

CLOSE TRANSLATION:: “Nobody gave me the opportunity so I could do it my way”

alt="Olamide Quote 10"

Don’t expect everything to come your style or as pre-planned, opportunity won’t always come like you expects but ones they come make good use of it.





  1. “Sebi oluwa ni sola Mo walaye lil kesh ti blow”Track Title: Awon goons mi

CLOSE TRANSLATION: “it is God that showers blessing on us all, am alive and lil kesh is famous”

I guess this is an answer to the critics and controversial media discussions on Olamide’s fame status if Dagrin were to be alive and he the teaching that God shares His blessings in different style as though he (Olamide) is alive, lil kesh (a artist under his YBNL record label) is getting famous.




  1. “Game yi awa la tun redefine, awon tan get me wrong lan pe mi ni thug”Track Title: Story for the gods

CLOSE TRANSLATION: “we redefined this game, those that got me wrong are the ones calling me thug”

alt="Olamide Quote 12"

Game! Nigerian Rap Music… you just said Yes, which means you agree with me. Because you achieve a goal in a different and unexpected way, you should expect to be criticize or called names. That’s their problem though, just stay focus and take credit for your success.




  1. “Ko sija ni church shadura ko sh’amin”             Track Title: Church

CLOSE TRANSLATION:: “There’s no fight in the church, say your prayers and say amen”

Show love and compassion to your fellow man in whatever you do that involves others. We only have each other. So be yourself and leave the rest for God.



  1. “Am sitting on the throne;

            am a grown man in a young body,

            Am sitting on the throne;

            aint got beef with nobody,

           so f**k what you heard

               everybody na king for him lane…”

               – Track Title: sitting on the throne

Confidence, self-respect are some of the keys to maintaining the top. So stay humble and give respect to those who deserve it. If you are too afraid of falling you’ll keep your dreams on a leash.




  1. “Emi ready lati gbe eru mi ebami gbe’osuka” Track Title: Awon goons mi

CLOSE TRANSLATION: “Am ready to carry my load, get me my “head-tie” (“Osuka” – cloth folded round usually place on one’s head for support when carrying heavy load)”

Never back down from a real challenge. They give the best lessons in life.


  1. “We rather be the lion in the jungle than to be a dog in the city”

    – Track Title: sitting on the throne

alt="Olamide Quote 16"

Keeping standard and not faulting or diverging at the point of influence from external force. Being yourself and keeping it real, you’ll always be better respected when you’re real.




  1. “They never thought I’ll make it to the top but that’s not fair…hustled from the house and every damn thing na sorrow” – Track Title: Anifowose

alt="Olamide Quote 17"

A lesson for those at the top or when you’re at the top; never underrate or condemn anyone because of their present situation. The road to success is rough, they might end up being a better person and outshine their present position in the nearest future.


  1. “Ema doubt ambition mi, mo n para, mo n  vex,ma carry ambition mi, ma make sure pe      eni so mii” 

             – Track Title: Make us Proud

CLOSE TRANSLATION: “Don’t doubt my ambition, am blunt, am angry, I’ll carry my ambition, I’ll make sure you don’t get the chance of saying another”

alt="Olamide Quote 18"

I’ll quote Christopher Reeve’s “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible” as the true definition of Olamide’s quote.




  1. “I hustle every day, I stay up all night, show me the money am gonna get it by any means”

    – Track Title: Dope Money   

alt="Olamide Quote 19"

I’ll also quote Charles Kettering’s “Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail” as the true definition of Olamide’s “getting it by any means” part of this above quote. So hustle, believe and success won’t be far from you. 





  1. “I see people dey sympathize

  I was traumatized

  Na den I realize

        It’s time to organize myself”

– Track Title: 1999

Every moment is a fresh beginning, it is interesting that we can all start anew with each passing moment. Experiences are the best teachers and it’s refreshing to know that the present is not entirely enmeshed in the past, and our future can be recreated moment by moment when life teaches us another lesson.










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  1. Olamide baddo my number one inspiration nobody badder i wish i could be a famous rapper jije you,i am a young talented rapper who is 14 years old in ghana please if you can sponsor or sign me my number is 0231826039


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