Universities In Finland To Be Tuition-Free From 2015

It is good news to people seeking admission into Universities in Finland that Universities there will be tuition-free once again. Finnish Universities started a tuition trial which requires students offered admission within that period to pay school fees. This trial period has now ended.

finland-flagAccording to a message on the Website of the  Lappeenranta University of Technology, there will be no tuition fee for the 2015 intake. This means that all tuition-free universities in Finland will not charge tuition fees from undergraduate students starting their studies in 2015.
In the same development, students who will be selected to Masters’ Programmes in spring 2015 will not be charged tuition fees during their two-year study period because of the Finnish tuition fee trial period coming to end in the end of 2014.
Finland will evaluate the results of the trial period and make a national decision about the possible tuition fees in Finland sometime in the near future. http://universityadmissions.fi/
After checking the list of the no-tuition Universities linked above, you may want to check details of how to apply to the Lappeenranta University of Technology and how to apply for students visa in Nigeria (including likely questions they can ask you).

Note:  UK is used as a case study, but the information will be helpful in  obtaining visa to other countries like, the US, Canada, Australia, Poland, Ukraine etc.



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