Apart from the consistent fashions trend growing toward Ankara prints, Ankara prints are great in making accessories. From the colourful bags, shoes, jewelry, tie and many other…. Ankara fabrics is no longer limited to dressmaking

For some of us whose Ankara wears were carefully ironed to be kept in the neatest part of wardrobe for another special day, while for some others it is a fabric with not so much high value. Positively the recent years has seen tremendous growth changing the whole Ankara story,  Ankara is now a “No longer for the poor” or for the “old people” fabric has it now trend among youth and young people. Even the so called “rich”and the foreign fabric fashion freaks now adorned the fabric when they attend their high class events …

What initiated the upgrade and gave Ankara fabric the unquestionable hype?

The Ankara accessories…

They are attractive and colourful giving you a distinct and unique awareness and attention. They come in an assortment of designs and are not repetitious, name it! The shoes, bangles, slippers, purses, jacket; like someone was quoted saying “It seems the god of fashion has smiled down upon the Ankara fabric …” and to my happiness our Nigerian youths who are Ankara designer are tremendously showcasing their creativity as I recently just got an Ankara belt as my birthday gift.

We share with you the forms which these ankara fabrics now comes in…plus at the end of the image cut i’ll share some creative ankara accessories designers presently in at their peak in Nigeria

Ankara27 ankara-accessories ankara-kraft-by-peniel ankarashoe Ankara-shoe1 Bowbi-Ladawal-2 image images (1) images (2) images (3) IMG_2550 as Smart Object-1 Product-MI17298-DIAMOND-SHAPOD-1 shoeeeee tumblr_lkzyjxvsV81qj93nfo1_500ankara-back-packs-61235


Orese African Inspired Jewelry & Adornments : Handcrafted jewelry inspired by Africa’s vast beauty. Simple, yet unexpected jewelry for the stylish and soulful fashion lover. website, Facebook 

The Ankara Place : Inspired by pure creativity, The Ankara Place showcases creative designs and stunning apparel produced from locally sourced fabrics. With unique embroidery and beading, these designs reflect an alluring retro-urban rejuvenation of styles. Website, Facebook

Christie Brown: A Luxury Fashion Brand Celebrating a Fabulous Fusion of Timeless Style.. website Facebook

– ELLELEROSKE : Ronke Fajimi creates African-inspired accessories with a variety of traditional fabrics and leather. Also a Make Up Artist & ties Geles. Instagram, Twitter

– TIONNI ACCESSORI: Ready-to-wear Clothes and Fashion Accessories website, twitter

CATHYLORS ACADEMY: the house of ankara craft and accessories training. #doityourself info,

image credits: google images, 360nobsFASHION

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