Nigeria’s Numbers, 68 Million Registered Voters- A Very Big Job for the Electoral Commission.

Nigeria 2015 General Elections

Global Elections

By Eleanor Kennedy- @globalelections


Nigeria has 68,000,000 registered voters. That is a staggering amount to organise. 


By now Nigeria’s land and sea borders will have closed in preparation for the 2015  Presidential Elections- just one illustration of the enormity in organising of such an election. The borders are closed to prevent foreigners entering and attempting to vote, thus helping to preserve the voter register. Somewhat understandably Nigeria’s elections- 28th of March- have been dominated by discussions of Boko Haram; the ability of either party to deal with the terrorist organisation, and it’s potential to derail the elections with violence or preventing citizens from voting. Boko Haram also speaks to other structural concerns of the nation, namely North-South divides, which we discussed here: In a recent twitter conversation with Mansur Liman of the BBC Africa and BBC Huasa services, he stated that very little else is being talked about:

Screenshot_2015-03-26-19-38-23 (1)

#BokoHaram is out-trending…

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