After the 2015 election, I had been held up with lots of befuddling thoughts which arose from by keen observation of the two leading parties and their flag-bearers.
They seem to be similar and so different. They both had been connected to one massacre or the other but with a statement of regret and promise of a better future; one was a retired military dictator connected to series of ill-judgement that brought about death to a set of people while the other was an elected President whose same perceived ill-leadership ended the life of hundreds of people.
The election was free and fair, this was quite similar to the one held before now. Although the Independent National Electoral Commission experienced some shortcomings in their newly introduced voting initiative, no beginning is perfect and I believe that in the future, the Nigerian voting system will be seamless, free of corruption, just in all ramifications and especially improve with the use of advance technologies.
Before now, the substandard voting process had maligned the personality and status of the so called “giant of Africa”. People died, dispossessed of their rights, denied the basic infrastructural facility, denied the right to education and denied the free will to religion. All these and more were caused by the substandard voting process.
Nonetheless, this a new dawn, an era when democracy will live by its true meaning of “freedom” because never have I seen an election so determined by the will of the people and the power of their votes.
Addressing freedom, there had never been dreadful moments filled with massacre and misplacement which can be more than the approximately five thousand people who had been killed between 2009 to date, when the cruel Islamist sect decided to take the place of the “Almighty” and end life without hesitation, denying them of their rights and freedom of life. Is this a result of bad leadership?  Perhaps good leadership but bad decision made. Few weeks back, I discussed about my young northern brothers who at adolescent were deprived the freedom of life. They had to choose between defending their homes by killing the infiltrators or “be killed”. In the last seven years, a part of my country had become a place void of freedom especially when the Islamic Sect claimed that they superior to Christianity-rending them to be unequal human being- thus they want an Islamic controlled country and forgetting that we all need to be respected irrespective  of our choice of religion.
Addressing equality, “are some people more equal than others?” this is a vital question I would like to ask the policy makers if given the chance. They claim we’re equal, yet their children and relatives attend the best schools but they fail to provide scholarships to children of the masses who cannot afford the best schools. They drive the most expensive vehicles and yet fail to reduce the fuel price for masses who can only afford rickety vehicles for lack of funds. So many lives had been lost due to lack of electricity, substandard infrastructural facilities and even poor education system.
If only there can be true equality.
The presidential election is over now. The winner has not been announced. As soon as the winner emerges, I only ask for one thing, the youths of our beloved nation only ask for one thing first;
“Freedom and Equality”


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