Muhammadu Buhari (born 17 December 1942) is the President-elect of Nigeria and a retired Major General in the Nigerian Army who was Head of State of Nigeria from 31 December 1983 to 27 August 1985, after taking power in a military coup d’état. He ran unsuccessfully for the office of President in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections. In December 2014, he emerged as the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress for the March 2015 elections. Buhari was victorious in the 2015 general election, defeating the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan. Buhari is a native of Daura in Katsina State; he is of Fulani ethnic background

SOURCE – Excerpt from Muhammadu Buhari WIKIPEDIA page

On December 17th, his 72nd birthday message to the Nigerian Youth got was an inspiration and a motivation that got my thumb sticking to the APC logo on the ballot paper as i voted him as the next president of this wonderful country long crying for help and change.

As a young army officer many years ago, I could afford to save and buy a brand new car from my earnings. Fresh university graduates got jobs before they left school and opportunities were everywhere. Today, as a retired army general, former state governor, petroleum minister and head of state, I can hardly afford that luxury.

Similarly, if I hadn’t built my house at the time I built it, I probably would not own a house today; indeed, if I were to graduate today I would most likely join the ranks of the 40 million Nigerian youth who have no jobs and very little prospects of finding any, under the current government.

Nothing pains me like seeing young Nigerians who left school up to 10 years ago still living with their parents or living rough with friends or relatives simply because they can not find jobs. Unfortunately, our system has no social safety net of any sort to support those that need help. Nothing crushes the human spirit more than poverty, powerlessness and hopelessness.

However, I believe that with prudent management, Nigeria has the resources to meet the needs of all citizens. We will see to a Nigeria where lives and property are safe; schools are world class, health services are available and affordable and where every Nigerian feels proud and wanted.
Our government shall be about jobs, jobs and more jobs for our youth. To this end, We will implement strategies to immediately engage as many unemployed Nigerians as possible in quick-win schemes, while we fashion out long-term programmes to make unemployment history in Nigeria.

Our poverty alleviation and job creation approach will not be about giving handouts to a few thousand people when we have a staggering 40 million to cater for. The current method not only lacks originality but is not sustainable. We shall stimulate all sectors of the economy to create entrepreneurs and real wealth for all Nigerians, not just a select few.

Nigeria has no business with poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment. An APC government will therefore ensure that our commonwealth is used to develop our country for the benefit of all Nigerians.

Source – BellaNaija on as i read at about 2:00 pm

As I celebrate with Nigerians who magnanimously voted and securely watched their votes making sure it counts, I will say we own the real victory and we are the real winner.

Firstly, Congratulations to #PGEJ for his sportsmanship and courage to accept defeat even when the overall result weren’t officially announced by INEC. I salute him for that as democracy has never been so peacefully achieved.

My congratulations can’t be complete yet without congratulating the incoming President elect; Muhammadu Buhari for creating a sense of “Hope” and reason to seek fresh breath of air.

Buhari who praised the Nigerian voters in his acceptance speech was quoted saying;

“You stood in line patiently for hours; in the rain, in the sun and then in the dark to cast your votes. Even when the vote was extended to Sunday in some places, you still performed your civic duties. You did so peacefully. You voted with your heart. Your vote affirms that you believe Nigeria’s future can be better than what it is today.

You voted for change and now change has come.”

Nigeria has reduced to a failed state with corruption at the root of every sector. The Nigeria economy is a mess, electricity is nothing to write home about and the youth are looking for jobs, all we want right now is change and I hope change has finally come.

Buhari has promise us a lot though which most Nigerians will see as mere campaign tactics but believe me, these are really achievable!


I’ll drop my pen here to say, it’s another countdown to 4years, another failure will bring our PERMANENT Voters Card to action again as Nigerians are ready to defend her (Nigeria) unity, and uphold her (Nigeria) honour and glory.

So, help us God.

….this is MY CONFESSION #NigeriaHasDecided #NewNigeria


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