It’s no longer news that the much vaunted presidential election has being held last Saturday which is March 28, 2015, Nigerians are on the tenterhooks to see the results of the election unfold as INEC is billed to announce it anytime from noon today. And the two frontline parties are the PDP and the APC whose candidates are the currently ruling president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and a former military leader, General Muhammadu Buhari. And the question is ’’ which one out of this two candidates do you believe will grab this presidential race victory’’?

And you and I will be utterly right if we say the victory will be grabbed between an apparently failed President versus a former dictator. These MONIKERS are right I guess? Incident to what many had called them two. Consequently it’s now time for you and I to place them on our virtual Libra-scale to see who stand the slim chances of grabbing the victory if we have to adjudge them based on their respective achievements and political debacle.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Of course it’s no longer hearsay that pres. Goodluck had failed woefully in his promise to revive the aged long socio-economic upheaval Nigeria is being faced with from every sectors of the economy majorly. His political and administrative fiasco had also been what most international communities, NGO’s both local and intl, Amnesty Intl. and International observers vehemently decried, is it to talk of the world’s number one president’s take of GEJ’s administration? You and I remembered lucidly well that pres. Obama courageously came on National Media to zero down pres. Goodluck’s never-do-well policy and his so-called administrative wherewithal devised by him in ruling Nigeria, still he went on to downplay whichever achievements or transformation he has being able to tailored for the progress of Africa’s most populous nation, meaning all what GEJ thought he’s done already is nothing to be compared with the broad array of responsibilities that have imposed themselves at the pinnacle of national attention for a very long time ago.

And now I think from this juncture, Nigerians can arguably say the scorecard of pres. Goodluck over the past 4yrs has being nothing to write home about, though I personally espouse and laud some of his latent achievements so far but I think there’s more to do Mr. President. Some writers, social commentators and political analysts also played down some of these his latent achievements by saying GEJ had only tried to give crumbs out of a living loaf, saying he should stop causing a storm in a teacup over his meager accomplishments so far. So Mr. GEJ you have no right to turn up any trumps but please do the needful.

I unarguably feel disillusioned by him and his fruitless administration because his words have not in any way being his bond as far as am concerned if we have to weigh him from the platform of social sentiments that led virtually and approximately 70 to 80 percent Nigerians voted him into power in April of 2011 presidential election. Perhaps I should throw more light into this piece.

If our heads are not too busy, we all should remember that way back in 2011 before the presidential election, hustings and campaigns in favor of GEJ really gained a wide momentum incident to the fact of how he had fortunately make a magical ascend from when he was an erstwhile local government chairman of his local municipality in Bayelsa state then rising to the position of an Executive Deputy Governor, still on the ascend and as fortune will still have its way for him, years later an allegation of financial misappropriation began to trail and dog the administration of the former Bayelsa Governor, Mr. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha by the EFCC and the Nigeria Government, subsequently he was deposed by Nigeria government for countless charges of financial impropriety leveled against him while he was in office. Hence the emergence of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as Governor of Bayelsa State.

Then fortune still continues to have its way for him, before the presidential election of 2007 when major parties in Nigeria started going into full swings of who their presidential candidates will be come when the general election holds, the then president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and the entire PDP’s top echelon members were not left out of the swings as they hastily chose the Late Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck as their party’s presidential candidate and the running mate respectively. After all the hustings and campaigns, they won which we are all privy to.

And now this is how GEJ began his roadtrip to being the number one citizen of Nigeria (The Giant Ascend). During the era of the Late Musa Yar’dua’s reign as president of Nigeria between May 29, 2007 and May 5, 2010. Which means Yar’Adua was not privileged to complete his tenure as president, and even before his demise most of us vividly garnered knowledge of the fact that he wasn’t in any way in sound health, reason of which some of PDP/Obasanjo’s critics said that Obasanjo engender his campaign to power which Yar’Adua himself never saw coming right from the outset because unknowingly to him the course of making him the president of this nation dated back in 2007 was being championed by man who apart from being a party mate was never a close ally to him or his family that much even though he was coming from a family that’s living above obscurity at least to some appreciable extents. The same allusion most Nigerians made to this development was that ’’ Obasanjo as a sage- thought Yar’Adua’s whom was a serving Governor of Katsina state could be relevant in consolidation of PDP’s leadership in Nigeria by offering Umaru Musa Yar’Adua a juicy offer of such, and this is a man whose health was in a debilitating condition and since he was a man that bulges easily, whom is also reclusive in behavior but level headed can be called off from his humble home and be made a president- cum- stooge, thereby he (Obasanjo) can still be ruling Nigeria continually as a president still while he uses Yar’dua as a front and ghost figure who’s comfortably seated on the presidential throne.

He (Obasanjo) knows Yar’Adua was a man he can subject to control, give directives to and will grossly be respected by him. But when Obasanjo was interviewed if he really made Yar’Adua a president- cum- stooge, he smirked harshly and denied it outright by saying he and the PDP board of trustees deemed it right to prime Yar’Adua for the presidential race before his (Obasanjo) two-terms of eight years complete and they all together tailored the victory for him in 2007, he went on saying Yar’Adua was the brother of a late former prominent leader in person of the Late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, and that the only way such a family can be appropriately honored is through making Yar’Adua, a salient patriarch in the family the president of this nation.

After all said and done- Pres Yar’Adua gave up the ghost on the 5th May 2010 after months of not wanting to break the story by his family to Nigerians using his falling into coma as a guise to erode the reality of things, subsequently GEJ step into the big shoe as an acting president. He headed an interim government for just a year then subsequent to this come a democratically elected president of Nigeria, Mr. Goodluck E. J. in 2011.

What I’m saying in essence is that if we have to see things from perspective of how fortune had led him to the position of a president through not just a magical ascend but also through the wide array of supports the masses and the entire Nigerians shown him, so he has no option but to bring into fruition that which he pledged for Nigeria but what do you and I had from him in return? A president that broke virtually everybody’s heart, a president whose administration had been the worse for far in the history of Nigeria politics, a president whose administration orchestrated the acme of all financial corruption ever witnessed by man on the surface of this earth, a president whose administration paved way for corrupt politicians to loot national wealth with impunity, a president who lack the necessary modalities to use in tackling insurgency, a president who folds his hands to watch Nigerians being massacred in the North-East region of Nigeria to mention a few.

Even though he had failed woefully, he has equally earned himself faint marks in the name of what he and his so-called ’’TAN’’ group called a ’’transformation agenda’’ through which few sectors of the economy gained a subtle transformation.

In the area of INFRASTRUCTURE-

Some said GEJ scored a considerable high marks especially on the resuscitation of interstate railways in Nigeria which had been an applause for him. Because most of our moribund railway lines that has being revived by pres GEJ and apart from the Enugu- Port Harcourt line which has just been launched, the line serving as link between Lagos and Kano has been revived after an approximately two decades of inactivity while the Abuja-Kaduna line is very close to finishing in its revival. GEJ also earned himself an applause for having shown a determined push to upgrade airports across the nation which has been a responsibility his predecessor played a deaf ears to while he was in power. Though a wide array of propaganda being spread by his supporters about his resuscitations of most of our federal roads but he and his supporters are still insensitive to the fact that we still have one or two federal roads that are left unattended to and among these are Uyo-Calabar road and also the East-West road. But the Benin-Ore road, the Lagos-Ibadan Exp. road have both been incrementally revamped and are no longer in known hellious conditions.

In the area of AGRICULTURE-

This sector particularly has been this government’s most strongest and unparalleled point. The reason of which is not far-fetched as we all know that the Agric. Minister, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina bags the award for 2013 Forbe’s Person of the year. Winning the award specifically was surreal to the Minister and our president in question having achieved the feat for the establishment of Africa’s biggest rice mill in Rukubi village in Nasarawa, which is the OLAM INTEGRATED RICE MILL. And no doubt, Nigerians are optimistic that the fruition of this project will cause yet another considerable landmark for the economy.


In the area of film entertainment industry, NOLLYWOOD to be precise-

Most stakeholders in this industry lauded GEJ’s magnanimity to them, openly confessing GEJ as the first Nigerian leader that has paid them a duly attention, ranging from how he has substantively laced up the industry with a mouth watering fund towards an industry that has considerably put Nigeria on the global map.

Though there are still other sectors GEJ paid a lip service attention and had gained little or no transformation at all, and examples of these are the Home-grown Automobile Industries, the sector of Education, then POWER which has been a very long protracted problem for this nation as far as am concern, when he came to power in 2011, he made a whole hearted pledge to revive it within 4yrs, now its 4yrs+ and his effort towards that has been to no avail. Should I even begin to reiterate the plague of insecurity that has been one of Nigeria’s long-standing nightmares?

And one laughable achievement of his to me particularly was how he said he throve hard to make Nigeria the largest Economy in the continent of Africa and yet poverty among the masses is still as endemic as ever, well I don’t know of others but for me any government that’s incapable of assuring her citizens the security of lives and properties or that fails to meet the all the right and necessary fundamentals of human existence for her citizens is arguably a failed government. The best Economy in Africa but yet approximately 90 percent of her citizens are still living from hand to mouth, where most of her citizens are still unable to put food on the table, a country where mortality rate never seems to reduce, a country where education is still in shambles and people with the financial wherewithal have no option but to seek their children/wards a qualitative one out of the shores of Nigeria. And amid all these woes will GEJ still be going around town priding upon his own self on how he has successfully made Nigeria Africa’s biggest Economy, a milestone which I still up till today characterize as RHETORICS. If you know him please tell him to wake up from his slumber and do the needful instead of him questing for cheap credits when you dutifully know well that the educated and the non-educated are getting more enlightened by the day.

It’s apparently true that this present government had failed us in countless and diverse ways, generally known one that even stung Nigerians the most is the one of Jan 1st 2012 declaration of subsidy removal- Honestly I still cannot envisage a sane man wakes up in a day like a festive new year day to declare his people be thrown into shade of suffering. According to words of a veteran media practitioner, Tolu Ogunlesi which says and I quote ’’ My honeymoon ended with GEJ ended with the fuel subsidy removal’’ I can’t believe a president like GEJ can just wake up one day and thinks the only way to forestall the looming stings and deficits in the oil industry is to make we the citizens that voted him into power pay more for fuel they consume thereby the monumental proceeds loss in the industry can be made up for proportionally instead of out rightly punishing those oil racketeers which have through their corrupt acts ruined the sector to an integral height.

Shame on you Mr. President for underperforming. You have really left our hearts disillusioned by fruitless policy for governance over the past 4 or 5yrs.

General Muhammadu Buhari

This is a onetime military ruler of the federal republic of Nigeria, who ruled Nigeria from Dec. 31st 1983 – Aug. 27 1985 who gained power through a military coup d’état. And if I have to go by the political reckoning that I was fed by veteran political analysts I learnt he was an unrelenting dictator who treated the nation with so much tyranny and that the only significant feat he was able to earned Nigeria was the fact of how he stood tall against corruption, financial corruption to be precise.

And that aside this, that there are still other meager achievements he was privileged to bring home for Nigeria fitfully. But one factual thing that remains in the hearts of some families in Nigeria most especially the yorubas was the sting of how he harshly staged hostility and tyranny against many like the Awolowos, the Anikulapo Kutis and among others. And I also learnt that the only woman that was ordered to be executed through a firing squad was mandated by General Buhari, and then that he was an enemy of inventiveness incident to how he unjustifiably repatriated the foreign workers that visited Nigeria to help her bring into full fruition some of her developmental projects Nigeria has at hand. I learnt Gen. Buhari said their coming to Nigeria was as a way to promote corruption.

Shall we even talk about of how he had many incarcerated unjustly? Which means by inference he lacks the technical-know-how of good government. Anyway these are some of his foes back then as military ruler. But can we really say Gen. Buhari is a changed man now? I asked this because I have not seen him come out in any of his APC staged rally to even show an iota of remorse in respect of his tyranny rained on Nigerians back in the days. Though if he wins eventually, history might just be kind with him should he has the wits to take Nigeria to the next level.

In conclusion, the die has being cast by us Nigerians but we are yet to know who the winner will be. (GEJ vs GMB).

And now possibly true rumors are going on around towns about a potential outbreak of violence should the winner be announced in no distant time today. Which means should the final result swings in favor of PDP, APC’s violent stalwarts will revolt it and should the final result swings in favor of APC, PDP’s violent stalwarts will equally revolt it too. Reason of which the result is still being held unannounced even up till this moment but INEC officials denied and dispelled this saying results are being announced in order of how they have been trickling in and apparently not because of what it might cause incidentally.

And one thing to cheer about is the pledge our security officials made to avert any form of violent or any other violent related offences that may be staged by any of the party members come when the final result will be announced and that they are weighing every contingencies of violence erupting and in the same wise devising every possible modalities to checkmating any act of security breach and to bring to book whoever contravenes the law. They went ahead advising any candidate or candidates who will lose eventually come after the result to channel his or their grievances to election tribunal.

And the question is who do you find as ’’the least awful, the most prospect & the least prospect, the most awful’’, this is a thesis you and I alone can adjudge.

Who do you think its Nigeria’s next president? Please share your thoughts, opinions and take with us here at idrioftonline.

NOTE: this article was compiled and written few hours before the election result was announced


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