[web2fordev] Job, Electronic Frontier Foundation – Techno-Activist

EFF Seeks Techno-Activist

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, is looking for a full-time activist to fight for free speech, innovation, encryption, and privacy. If you are passionate about technology, dedicated to its role in building a better future and want to work alongside leaders in the field, this dream job is for you!
This specific position within our activism team is designed to work closely with EFF’s technology projects team, which creates tools such as HTTPS Everywhere, the SSL Observatory, and Privacy Badger. We are seeking someone who can write fluently on technical topics for nontechnical audiences to shine a light on the important work our technical team is doing. Your issue space will include working on reforming the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, advocating for web and email encryption, educating people about how strong encryption works to stave off mass surveillance, and doing outreach to the hacker community.
As an EFF activist, your responsibilities would include:
• Communicating our sometimes complex technical and legal issues to “mom and pop” in a clear, compelling, and concise voice;
• Writing blog posts about EFF’s work in a timely manner;
• Maintaining EFF’s social media presence;
• Maintaining the content of EFF’s information-packed website;
• Developing energetic and innovative education and activism campaigns that engage both EFF’s membership and the general public;
• Working closely with EFF technologists, attorneys, activists, and other public interest groups;
• Speaking publicly about issues related to technology and civil liberties;
• Working with lawyers, designers, web developers, and engineers to ensure that our ambitious projects launch smoothly and in a timely fashion; and
• Helping to prioritize which issues are worth our available staff resources.
Required skills:
• Excellent writing skills;
• Specific experience working as an activist or advocating for a cause;
• Experience writing blog posts. Regularly maintaining a blog would be a plus;
• Experience with Twitter, Facebook and other social media;
• A good understanding of technology;
• A strong familiarity with and passion for digital civil liberties issues;
• An eagerness to learn about new issues;
• A track record of successfully managing complex projects while maintaining an upbeat attitude; and
• An ability to turn things around quickly and comprehensively.
In addition, knowledge of or experience with any of the following would be advantageous:
• Technical skills, including content management systems;
• Experience with social media management;
• A strong understanding of digital security;
• Collaborative writing and editing;
• Public speaking experience;
• Professional journalism, or formal training in journalistic or creative writing;
• Familiarity with the security researcher community; and
• Experience organizing online activism for an advocacy-oriented nonprofit organization.
Note that while this position involves writing and speaking about technology, you do not need to be a programmer or have a computer science background to be successful in this role. In fact, the position will require no programming work.
To apply, send a cover letter with links to 2-4 online writing samples and resume tohiring@eff.org. Feel free to include links to additional supporting materials, as well. This is a full-time position based in EFF’s office in San Francisco, CA. Inquiries about whether this job can be done remotely or part-time will not be answered. No phone calls please!

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