Rihanna?…the “FourFiveSeconds” Fall


Subsequent to what was published this morning concerning the idriftonline U.S Billboard top 10 music chart rundown.

We write to also let you folks know that “FourFiveSeconds” by “Rihanna feat. Paul McCarteny & Kanye West” dropped 3places from the number 5spot it was last week to 8 this week.

This is the first time ever Rihanna’s hit single from an album(anonymous yet) failed to make it up to at least the second position on the chart.

Incidentally this is the first time this Barbadian popstar will make such a precipitous decline in her career ever since he hit the limelight in May of 2005.

It may also interest you to know that the worst height any of her hit single ever made was the 2nd position on the Billboard Music Chart and the single in question that failed to achieve the feat for the number one position was “Pon Da Replay” from her debut album ever “Music Of The Sun” maintaining the 2nd spot both in the U.K & U.S Billboard Chart in 2005 but fortunately for it to hit the pinnacle of the chart in New-Zealand and others like that.

Could this be that Rihanna’s career is gradually creeping into twilight or perhaps her works no longer have the desired luster?https://wordpress.com/post/62236611/1759

Rihanna’s Albums Released So Far From 2005 to January,2013.
1. Music of the sun (2005)
2. A girl like me (2006)
3. Good girl gone bad (2007)
4. Rated R. (2009)
5. Loud (2010)
6. Talk that talk (2011)
7. Unapologetic (2013)

**exlusive to idriftonline**


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