16 Reasons First Dates Are Confusing

something for the “Love Diary”

Thought Catalog

Leo HidalgoLeo Hidalgo

Imagine if you were able to skip the first date eggshell walking, conversation dancing and pick up during the second or third date when you quasi understand and have a working knowledge of the person you value enough to see again. It’d quickly weed out the people who treat dating as an avenue leading to free meals and wine or for those who excel in the art of the one-night stand and see it solely as a golden opportunity to hit it and quit it. You wouldn’t have to slow down the butterfly’s flying around in your stomach or wipe your clammy hands on your pants and shirt over and over when you see the person for the first time who you think may be the future Mr. or Mrs.

The problem with dating is that you have to go on a first date prior to any…

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