On this day in the year 1999, America rap-star, Nasri Jones whom by his stage name known as Nas released his 3rd studio album titled “I Am” on the ambit of Columbia Record Label.

And apart from “Nas is like” which was pre-released to herald the coming of the album, another smashing hit single off was no other but “Hate me now” feat. Puff Daddy.

A track which many Hip Hop critics still up till today see as one that won Nas his major breakthrough in the America Music & Rap Scene, while many still hitherto say it was his 1996 smash hit single “which titles “If I ruled the world” feat. Lauryn Hill. from his sophomore album “It was written” which was released in that same 1996.

However his debut album “Illmatic” which was released in 1994 won him the most publicly acclaimed lyricist.

And even up till date, many Hip Hop fans still see him as the best Rap prodigy Hip Hop ever bred.


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