This Is How Your Heart Will Break, And Why It’s A Good Thing

Something is going to break your heart. That’s just the way it goes, babe. It might be a person. It might be an event. A situation, disappointment. There are so many things that can stab that little sucker. But it’s part of life.

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The human heart contains four chambers: two upper (the atria) and two lower (the ventricles). There is a wall of muscle known as the septum separating the two sides. Enter the pericardium: a double-walled sac that encases the heart, protecting and anchoring it inside the chest.

But honestly? None of that really matters to you when you feel it breaking. Instead, you search for some sort of answer, like maybe Google will lead you the right way. There’s got to be some elixir out there. A tonic you can obtain that will make it better. Make it not so incredibly painful. Maybe knowing scientific lingo and knowing what exactly makes up that pumping, bloody organ will ease the ache. Because you know it isn’t really broken. It’s beating. It’s working.

So why doesn’t it feel like it is?

You’ll wonder if it’s possible to be living dead. Maybe zombies…

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