Its obvious we are going to witness more infringement allegations in this our present music age, just of late Pharell Williams & Robin Thicke had virtually all of the proceeds they made from the success of “Blurred Lines” they co-sang, co-written then produced by Williams, paid to the Gaye’s family in compliance to the jury’s verdict that handled the lawsuit concerning a plagiarism allegation the Gaye’s family brought against Williams & Robin for Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit single “Got to give it up” which the deceased Gaye entrenched a definitive legal backing for before passing away.

Another music act who have been accused of stealing somebody else’s song now is Rihanna, the popstar was alleged of illegally releasing a song which had already being sang & released by a Houston female rapstar.

Though a less-popular rap act whose name is “Just Brittany”, this Houston Rapstar literally accused the Barbadian of Stealing her own ‘Betta Have My Money’ “BHMM” hit song which was released 9mnths ago.

According to the series of tweets she released- she went on saying Rihanna ripped off the complete originality of that song which she personally mastered. Still accused Rihanna of leaving no nuance behind by calling her own version as “Bitch Better Have My Money” “BBHMM”.

However Rihanna may be enjoying waves of recognition for her latest single, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” which was co-produced by Kayne West, but it may cost her more fortune than she could ever gain. And that is if Just Brittany decides to take it up by taking recourse to the court of law.

A report claimed that Rihanna, accused stealing Just Brittany’s song originality is rooted from the similarity of Rihanna’s song as it actually sound the same with the single. There’s no doubt that anyone listening to both songs could identify they share the same elements.


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