2015 FAYROUZ L’ORIGINAL COMPETITION – the fayrouz expression show (Season II)


ABOUT:Fayrouz L’Original Expression Show is designed to give young undergraduates with unique creative abilities a platform to showcase their original works for a chance to win amazing prizes and opportunities.

Employing fashion and style as the creative outlet, Fayrouz L’Original will see teams of four young creatives- Model, Photographer, Fashion Designer and Make-up Artiste put together completely original ensembles; competing against one another until a grand winner emerges. To drive this world-class show-down is a very distinguished panel of judges, a carefully selected number of personalities who over the years have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.

GRAND PRIZE: 4Million Naira for the grand prize winning team.


Last year, the Fayrouz L’Original Show kicked off with a call to entry where fashion designers, models, photographer and make-up artists from all over the country created a team of four and took on a series of tasks. The show ended with an amazing grand finale event and the winning team, Elan walked away with $20,000 prize.

Season 2 is back and Fayrouz is on the hunt for the next original team, have you got what it takes? Create a team of four – model, fashion designer, photographer and make-up artist and you could win 4M Naira in the Fayrouz L’Original Expression Show. Go to http://fayrouzloriginal.com/competition/ to register!


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