We got the LIEBSTER AWARD… more to come

Finally the Liebster Award is here…. WoooOOOh…………..

We the entire folks at the #Teamidriftonline like to seize this medium to appreciate our scores of followers and well-wishers, both living near and the far-flung ones.

We want you to know that we heartily recognize your far-reaching love for us thus far. And we promise to continually live up to your expectations for us.

Writing is a struggle against silence

God bless you all.

A big thanks (#chopknuckle) to Nicolewillwrite for the nomination. You really need to check out her blog, amazing creative articles. “What it is all about”…you have to read this one!


#Teamidriftonline is also nominating the following blogs for the Liebster Award: Make us proud

  1. https://www.nessaating.wordpress.com
  2. http://www.jillmroberts.com/
  3. https://www.mariabutunoi.com
  4. https://www.seunfakze.wordpress.com
  5. https://www.helenwashington.com

Questions #Teamidriftonline had to answer that nicolewillwrite sent to us:

    1.  If you had one hour to live what would you want to do?

   Impart a formidable knowledge into someone else

  1. Peanut butter: Crunchy or Smooth

Crunchy is preferably better

  1. Toilet Paper: Folded or scrunched


  1. If you could sing one song in front of thousands what would it be?

A moment like this – Kelly Clarkson

  1. Do blondes really have more fun?

Of course they do massively…

  1. Why did the chicken cross the road – For real?

To opt for a greener pasture

  1. What is the trick to funnel a beer correctly?

Just drink directly from the bottle without throbbing the content

  1. If you were a Mascot what would you be?

     Zakumi the Leopard, cheerfully and sporty

  1. Writing or reading?


  1. Have you reblogged some of my stuff?

Sure, an amazing creative content… “what it is all about?”

So here are #Teamidriftonline questions for each blogger:

  1. Our most inspired post you’ve ever read from our blog?
  2. Monarchy or Federalism. Which do you prefer?
  3. When two blind men walk together, what happens?
  4. Tell a little about the novel you read lately – (Just the name and the punchline)
  5. One genre of music you appreciate most?
  6. Truffle butter or ordinary chocolate?
  7. To “see the light at the end of the tunnel” is an expression which entails…?
  8. Your most motivating/Inspiring quote by a black man?
  9. One blogging challenge you’ve overcome? Share your solution.
  10. One Nigerian dish (es) you’ve had or wish to?

How it works – Answer my questions

Find 5 other blogs to nominate! Nominate them!


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