Your today’s decisions are your tomorrow’s reality, and your today’s realities were your yesterday’s decisions. In order words, the actions you take today will all show up to shape your life in years to come.

So,what are you doing with your life today?

What goals are you setting and what plans are you making to achieve them?

Are you sowing seeds of success, health, happiness, peace of mind, love, respect, greatness?

Or are you sowing seeds of mediocrity, self deceit, unhealthy life, jealousy, regrets, unhappiness, poverty?

Because these seeds will germinate in a few years time and you’ll have no choice than to live with them. Retrace your steps against what you’re experiencing today and If you’re not satisfied with your outcomes today then replant your seeds. It’s not too late now. All you need to do is begin to plant your seeds of greatness, walking in good faith, allowing God to mold and guide you every step of the way and God will ensure that your good seeds germinates for your massive harvest in Jesus mighty name. Amen!


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