The idriftonline Billboard hot 100 top 10 weekly. (Dating back to last week’s chart log)


After 14 straight weeks at the chart climax and having tied for the second longest running single in the history of Billboard. ’’Uptown funk’’ by MarkRonson featuring Bruno Mars has finally being deposed last two Wednesday (15th April 2015) by a hit single ’’See you again’’ by Wiz Khalifa feat.Charles Puth which initially made ascent from the 84th position to the 10th position, then from 10 to 1 after spending just 5weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is Wiz Khalifa’s first number 1 on the Billboard chart since 2010 after his ’’Black & Yellow’’ hit single from his debut album released that same year earned him his first ever number 1, consequently ’’See you again’’ is now Wiz’s second number 1 on the Billboard chart, a song which is also a soundtrack cooked for the memory of the late prolific actor, Paul walker in a…

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