Live Now, Procrastinate…Never

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The Imitation GameThe Imitation Game

“You are living as if you are destined to live forever. Your own frailty never occurs to you. You don’t notice how much time has already passed, but squander it as though you have a full and overflowing supply. Though all the while that everyday which you are devoting to somebody or something may be your last. You live like mortals in all that you fear, and live like immortals in all that you desire.” – Seneca, on The Shortness of Life.

Many of us go through our lives as if opportunity is around every corner. We coast and glide through the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years of our lives with out ever truly considering the fact that this minute, this hour, or this day, may in fact be our last. We have so many things that we claim to want to accomplish, yet we have…

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