After the 21 Gunshots & the flown pigeons at the Eagle Square, Abuja.


It was indeed a colorful inauguration hours ago at the Eagle Square, where dignitaries, heads of member states & also heads of international delegations converged at the historic venue abovementioned.

The inaugural gathering witnessed the presence of U.S secretary of states who also spearheaded the U. S delegations, John Kerry, others are Jacob Zuma( SA president), Africa long serving president, Robert Mugabe(Zimbabwean President) and also the president of Chad, the president of Mali, the president of Ghana to mention a few.

The epoch-making event was equally graced by myriad of Nigerian political gladiators, Nigerians erstwhile leaders & also the serving political personalities, these are faces like OBJ, IBB, former head of state, Gen. Abdulsalam Abubakar while others are Atiku Abubakar, Earnest shonekan, former Kogi state Gorvenor, prince Audu and so many others like that.

And now that president M. Buhari has now been handed the portfolio, the big ball has fallen in his court and consequently much is expected of him by not just Nigerians but also people from the international communities too. He pledged during his inaugural address to all that “he belongs to everybody, then also to nobody” , I guess that promises a government of accountability right?

Having said all said, his tenure timeline to be at the reins of Nigeria presidency for the next 4yrs has kickstarted already and all is expecting to see the former military head of state miraculously transform Nigeria from an aged-long horror of corruption, poor education framework, unemployment, lack of adequate power supply, insecurity, the multiplying impoverishment among the masses and non-accountability.

All these pledges made by him are however contained in his campaign manifestos and promises- While some lauded it that its going to be an achievable ones for the one time general, some however argued that all these aforementioned promises are illusory just like it has always been a case of “soldier go soldier come” experienced in the previous administrations.

Its no longer news that since the inception of this present full-blown democracy in 1999, it has always been a long-standing socio-economic upheaval even up to this time hitherto, but the newly elected president himself promised an entirely new Nigeria, different from the way it had been mishandled in the watch of our former leaders, subsequent to this had the party platform through which he acceded this presidential throne gave Nigerians an aura of conviction that their very own appointee will relentlessly perform.

And now that expectations are soaring high amid plentious economic hitches ranging from gross financial mispropriety in the oil sector and a drained reserve, now I ask if lies any wherewithal anywhere for president Buhari to use in revamping a country like Nigeria that is in somewhat a moribund corner.

And it looks as if our newly elected president will be kept on his toes as his administration progresses because so many people literally clamored for this change, and now that the lead campaigner of change is at the helm of power and eventually change failed to establish herself, wouldn’t this be a slap across the faces of many?.

But as for me, I cleave unto my optimism and never want it beclouded by anything as am gladly expectant of the full doze of dividents this fresh from the block administration will spring forth.

Nevertheless, I welcome you all to a renewed Nigeria.

Please feel free to share your own expectations & thoughts with us here at idriftonline, we ll be elated enough to receive them.


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