10TH COMMONWEALTH YOUTH FORUM, MALTA (partial sponsorship available)

Theme for the Youth Forum

Adding Global Value…#WHATNEXT?

60% of the population of the Commonwealth is made up of people under the age of 30, which makes the Commonwealth Youth Forum a crucial platform if the Commonwealth is to be revived and made more relevant on a global stage. During this forum around 400 delegates from all over the Commonwealth and beyond will convene to discuss how young people can contribute and add value to upholding and enhancing the Commonwealth Charter, achieving the goals of the UN High Level Panel post-2015 development agenda to eradicate poverty and transform economies through sustainable development, and meeting the outcomes of the Commonwealth’s Strategic Plan 2013-14/2016-17.

Since one of the main objectives of the Malta Commonwealth Youth Forum 2015 is to feed directly into the agenda of the actual Heads of Government meeting, the theme chosen follows closely the main theme of the Heads of Government Summit which is, ‘Adding Global Value’.

From a Youth Forum perspective the notion of the Commonwealth as a means to Adding Global Value is being challenged by asking What Next? Thus, the theme chosen for the Youth Forum; ‘ADDING GLOBAL VALUE…..#WHATNEXT?’


Are you a youth leader aged between 18 and 29 years and have experience in youth advocacy or development? Submit an application to attend this international event! Successful applicants will receive sponsorship for travel within Malta, accommodation and meals for the duration of the Commonwealth Youth Forum. Applications must be completed by 30 September 2015

Note: participants will be responsible for organising and paying for their own flights to Malta. Successful candidates wishing to travel to Malta must also hold a valid passport and obtain a visa for entry to the country. Visas must be obtained before departure.




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