A college student dilemma: To study or to work?

I perceive college to be a block or gathering, which brings together people of great diversity, breeding them, grooming them and challenging them to be relevant in the society with series of lessons and test. The college brings into awareness need to take actions toward ones dreams and yet a bitter truth that numerous number of people share the same dream. The college prepares the mind to face the competitions, either with-in or out. It elaborates history: how it happened and perhaps when it happened (for people who major in it) yet it seldom explains to individuals what to do, and how to do it in order to make money-it is a personal decision. I have heard stories of how disastrous and frustrating it is for people who never attended college. On the other hand, stories of people who never attended college yet made it to the list of the ‘most influential and the wealthiest in the world’ but I will never fail to acknowledge that the most controversial and decisive level of education is the college level.
People’s circumstances differ. One person’s guardian may be wealthy enough to sponsor the entire duration of the college. Another may not even have a guardian to begin with. Hence comes with the risk of attending college in the first place. However, human in their natural instinct have proved that concrete decisions can be taken without even having a college education yet. Some then decide to work part-time in order to make ends meet and offset major tuition bills, accommodation and all other miscellaneous. Since fingers are not equal, some student often endure straight shifts while some, few. Also, despite having a sponsor, some may decide to work just for it sheer pleasure. After a while, the work becomes a blessing and a foundational experience needed to break past some hurdles in life. To some who got engrossed in the joy of working rather than of learning, it becomes a ‘curse’ and a hindrance to receiving quality education.
Our mind is a powerful tool for learning: either for the short term in college, or for our entire lifespan. It determines our perception and our perceptions determine our result. Consequently, the way we perceive life generally will determine our decisions. A typical college student dilemma: either to study or to work, can be a blessing or a curse depending on our perception. It is just like having an empty cup with a running tap right ahead. Our decision might be to fill the cup or to leave it empty.


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