4 Team Members You Need to Transform Your Career From Bad News Bears to Damn Yankees!

Sara Glancy is The Audition Rep Matchmaker

If you consider yourself either an artist or an entrepreneur (and I’d argue ALL artists are in fact entrepreneurs), chances are you have a strain of rugged individualism that is simultaneously helping you and seriously fucking you up.

As an actor, you are your business. We’ve heard that a million times. But maybe try thinking of yourself as a CEO rather than a sole proprietor. Nobody achieves greatness by themselves. Anyone who tells you they have is lying. (Why do you think all those Tony Award speeches are so damn long?!)

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about musical theatre actors, it’s that they simply cannot resist a good sports metaphor. (Boy, do I know my target demographic!) So, without any further ado, here are the four people you need in your franchise to transform your career from Bad New Bears to Damn Yankees!

1. Fellow Players – This seems…

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