Extra-ordinary People

The world will pass on and on and on and normal people will remain normal.

The earth is round for a purpose; a purpose of evolution, that is why inventions keep happening, different solutions keep emanating for the overwhelming problems of this world.

However, if we keep seeing the same things the same way, we will never have the opportunity for growth; If you continue to see the old things with the old eyes, you definitely wouldn’t do something new

Growth can happen in two ways:

Innovation: It simply means seeing a problem, probing for solutions and selecting the best course of action for the problem that provides an update to the initial solution.

Invention: it is simply creation of a solution from the scratch

i implore you to challenge the normalcy in you. you cant afford to remain the normal person would finds all situation the same. I challenge you to reflect the extra-ordinary person in you. take up innovations, invent, start looking for better ways to do your daily task.

That can just make the much anticipated difference.

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