Should The Poor Get Poorer?

By nature, the motto; “The rich keep getting wealthy while the poor get poorer” is phenomenon that has been in existence ever since the discovery of economics . The poor usually becoming the disadvantaged in the environment because of their inability to pursue initiatives and the defeat mentality. The exuberance of the wealthy intimidates them and creates a mindset that they can seldom grow to their desire. At the other hand, the wealthy rides on the weakness of the poor, intimidates them and use them to even get more “money”.


  • Challenge your background: No man is born poor and should submit to being poor. We are all born with talents so dynamic, finger-prints so different, and brains in order to probe challenges, create problems and solutions,and build on already existing solution. Hence, no human being is too “special” to intimidate us, too eloquent to keep us under and too good to kill our struggle for survival. We need to forget where we come from, the life we had lived and continually strive to build on our talents and skills, apply it on a course and expect
  • Find a solution: Almost all the greatest men i know came from a family/community so small and irrelevant, poor, disadvantaged, minor, lacking or victims of violence yet, the accepted their snag and look for different ways to break through their stumbling block. A known advocate, Winfrey Oprah was molested in her childhood due to their kind of family she came from, her colour, but today she has been able to rise past it by seeking solutions to the problem she had back then. Akon was born in the ghetto, faced hardship in the ghetto but at the end he sang about it, gained recognition and became wealthy through it. Kanu Nwankwo, a known Nigeria Footballer was diagnosed of heart cancer, he retired from football and set-up and organisation to help heart cancer patient. Today, he is prominent and respected for it despite his humble beginning. There are countless other people who have become worthwhile and wealthy by their incessant search for solutions to the prevailing challenges in their (1)
  • Reach out for others: So many people have been affected by the greed syndrome because they struggle and hussled to make it to the top yet, failed to help others who also needs to climb up that same ladder. An adage says “do not step on people below you because you may eventually need their help to rise further in the ladder of life”. By helping others, the reduce the level of poverty around you, save a life even get richer for it. Finally, if you are filled with eloquence of human and angelic ecstasy and you have no love for your fellow man, you are bankrupt; no matter the value of your bank account.images

I will leave you to ponder about these>>


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