YALI’s Call For Submission and Award

The Awards Sub-committee of the YALI Network Awards and Dinner Planning Committee for the YALI Network Face2Face, Nigeria invites you to submit a WORD/PDF submission or nomination for the YALI Network Awards and Dinner.

The Awards will celebrate young people between the ages of 18 – 45 years old, who have made outstanding achievements and contributions in the year 2015 alone (the year the YALI Network Face2Face was created).

The theme for this year’s award will be UBUNTU AFRICA! Chosen to highlight the essence and importance of the YALI Network values of Synergy, Collaboration and Partnership.

Ubuntu means ‘I am because you are’ which underscores the positive results that we want to celebrate when young people decide to come together to do make GREAT things happen!

Nominations are open to young people aged 18 – 45 years old in the following categories:

For YALI Fellows Awards: Here are the categories:
a. YALI Fellow Entrepreneur of the Year – This award is given to an entrepreneur of whatever shade based who has demonstrated extraordinary vision, leadership and committment to running a business enterprise, and recorded a measurable business success in terms of growth (profit, market share, employees and on his/her level of Give back to society upon his/her return from the Mandela Washignton Fellowship, Number of direct mentors he/she has impacted and level of activities in the YALI Network).

b. YALI Fellow Awards In Public Service – This award is given to a professional or technocrat who has made outstanding and measurable contribution in public service and promoting the formulation and implementation of effective public policies and projects.
c. YALI Fellow Awards in Advocacy & Activisim – This award is given to an inidividual who has demonstrated exceptional vision, passion and commitment to a social cause and made a measurable impact on lives.

1. Anyone can nominate themselves or anyone theu think deserves the award submitting the following information in just 3 pages:
a. Full Name
b. Nominating who (Self or someone)
c. Phone Number
d. Email I.D
e. Country
f. State of Residence
g. State of Origin
h. Social Media Profile: Link to Facebook profile
i. Date of Birth and Age
j. Full time Job

Short Essays:
a. Introduce yourself professionally (50 words)
b. Describe the community role you play outside your full-time Job (100 words)
c. Describe your key achievements in the year 2015 (150 words)
d. Insert different pictures of your achievements in the year 2015
e. Submit a nomination letter of one page attached separately to your three paged submission from any Global Leader you know. Individual must be a fellow or member of any reputable youth-inclined leadership program. (The YALI Fellows and YALI RLC Alumni are exempted from submitting nomination letters)
Timeline for the submissions and voting:
a. Submissions & Nominations will start on Tuesday November 24, 2015 and ends on December 4, 2015 by 12 midnight.

b. Screening by awards sub-committee commences immediately and ends on December 5, 2015 by 6pm
c. Proper voting by members of the public starts on December 6, 2015 – Five candidates will be shortlisted in each category cut across all the kinds of AWARDS to date that will be determined and properly communicated.
Please read carefully and be sure you answer and meet all the requirements if not we won’t attend to your application.

Completed submissions and applications should be sent to info@yalinetworkawards.com or call +012915588 or Jackson on 07054558467 or visit http://www.yalinetworkawards.com

YALI Network Awards & Dinner Committee (Y-NAD) Planning Committee 2015


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