An Enemy Called Average- Intro

Welcome to the book review session with Tomiwa. I am pleased to share every book I read with you and I hope you would follow my every post and enjoy yourself while reflecting on the various messages from these article.

Today I will start with the aforementioned caption, written by John Mason.

Some years ago, a researcher decided to find the secret of success, he finally gave up. “There is not a secret”, he said. “It is all related to hard-work, one must climb the ladder to success, not just be lifted on a elevator”

The successful individual is the one who will do what the average person will not do. Thinking wrong, believing wrong, talking wrong always lead to an unhappy, mediocre and unprofitable way of life.

To think success, to become better, to believe big, and to strive to be above average, you must develop the right kind of mental processes.

you may have been programmed to be negative, to disbelieve, to be sceptical. However, you can changed. Those negative experiences-the-minuses-can be transformed into positives and pluses simply by changing your attitudes.

William James said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that men can change their circumstances by changing their attitude of mind”

We were taught that changing the inputs can change those thoughts. What goes in  must come out. You can control the future because you have the power to control your thoughts.

Some say success is just a decision anyway. That is true on the surface. But that decision must be backed up with solid effort.

A person with a winning attitude accounts for 80% of the results in this country today. It is amazing that the figures dont change from year to year. They stay about the same.Twenty percent of the people are getting 80% of the results. and eighty percent of the people are getting 20% of the results. That isn’t very much when you realise these figures haven’t changed in the last twenty-five years.

Your growth potential, return on your investment, rewards in proportion to your efforts, and personal independence are limited only by your vision and desire. This already has made you above average.

So be enthusiastic! You have a lot to be excited about. God created you in the likeness of himself and endowed you with specific talents and abilities. As you develop those areas in your life and use them to help others, you wont have to be concerned about being above average, you will have conquered the enemy.

In the next episode. I will try as much as possible to narrate the points in every page.


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