Visualize these classic pictures of leadership:

Williams Wallace leading the change of his warriors against the army that would oppress his people and him. 

Mahatma Gandhi leading the two-hundred-mile march to the sea to protest the Salt Act. 

Martin Luther King Jr. standing before the Lincoln Memorial challenging the nation with his dream of reconciliation.  

….let rewind a bit.

I have just decided to imbibe the habit of daily reading, so today i stepped into the bookshop and after minutes of scanning through names of books, the only book that caught my attention from the stand was “The 360Degree Leader”.

“The 360 degree leader” closely describe as “the all rounder leader” in Nigeria context reminds of my dream of becoming a master of all and the fear i carried along daily toward achieving this feat.

DON’T WAIT FOR THAT PROMOTION! START LEADING NOW… RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! boldly written at the back cover of the book convene me more that i was going for the right book, SO I STARTED THERE, RIGHT WHERE I WAS.

I hope you’ll be here with me daily as i quote amazing contents from my first book.

Tonight i have just read THE MYTHS OF LEADING FROM THE MIDDLE OF AN ORGANIZATION, section 1 of the book and am sharing my 5 star quote from page 1 survey of “The 360 degree Leader”

“Ninety-nine percent of all leadership occurs not from the top but from the middle of an organization”

Usually, an organization has only one person who is the leader. So what do you do if you are not that one person?

we’ll find out when soon… opening page 2


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