That “One Person” #part1


Its the easiest thing to do; but for many of us, we want it but we don’t know how to get it.

Maybe we fail to realize or accept that love cant be made or acquired; it takes care, patience, understanding and sacrifice…and a lot of sacrifice from within.

Don’t wonder why people don’t fall in love, wonder why they do…in the face of all they can lose in a day, in an instant…the pain a single heartbreak can cause, the hatred it can water as you ponder about that “One Person” that never returns.

We are attached to this four letter words, chained like prisoners, captives in our own mind to know what it truly means. Maybe we should just play along and give it our all with the hope of getting a return like an investment made for the future.

As I write, i am forced to ponder on why I’ve been stuck with this “One Person” for so long…maybe not too long though…

It almost a year down the chase hoping this “One Person” will take a sight at me as i stare often hoping not get caught. It was just Day 1 and we’ve met at a gathering of friends planning ahead for an event; the sight of her beauty struck me unannounced as she was that “One Person” with that rare gift of beauty, her soft dark bright shinning beautiful skin extends into the heavens. Her beauty seems to increase with every breathe as i stare at her face trying to find the source.

They say “Black is Beautiful”… This “One Person” so perfect i never knew, without hesitation i peeled down my shyness skin and move closer to say Hi and lucky my soul, i was bestowed with a 10minutes walk with her as she choose only me among the league of guys in the room to walk her down the street to get refreshment for the house.

It almost a year chasing after this “One Person” hoping I’ll get to know her more, hear her voice often, laugh together, see her smile, hold her hands often and even achieve dreams together.

Can I quickly drop my pen to chat her up and ask how this “One Person” day went hoping my 247th message will get a reply….


I’ll be back soon to tell you if i get a reply and what truly happened…



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