Why People Are The Single Most Important Assets in Life

The law of relationship says that every person is merely four people away from any other human on earth _ John Maxwell
One single most important assets in life is people. No amount of money can buy the love of a sincere person neither can millions of naira take the place of people who are committed to making things work in your life. I have seen a bread seller become a wealthy super model. I have seen a hair-dresser become the richest woman in Africa. Also have I seen a king turned beggar and a multi-million car dealer barely able to afford a vehicle tyre. All these people, one way or the other, had a turn-around in their story because of the way they treat the people around them.
Let me tell you about Bacardi:
During that period when there was a major recession in the United States, Bacardi finished university and continuously struggled to get a job or earn a decent living for 5 years without luck. One day, he helped an old man crossed the old bridge of Kentucky and proceeded to help the old disabled man push his wheel chair home. There he met the old man’s daughter who was the wife to president of NASDAQ, the second-largest exchange company in the world by market capitalization. They got talking and he later became a director in NASDAQ after years of no job. 
Ben W. Hooper, governor of Tennessee, United State, orphaned at age 9, and had no business in politics yet, became the governor of the great Tennessee because he met someone who triggered a change in his life. Human being without inputs from another human is barely living. He would be like the plant without photosynthesis and a vehicle without a tyre. Hence, every success story was made possible by the intervention of people, not supernatural beings, not angels, not money, and definitely not fame. If you want to become anything in the nearest future, you just need to know someone who knows somebody…that would link you up. It doesn’t end there! Work on your relationship with the people you have around you because you never know the influence they have and what you might enjoy from them.

On a final note, as you go about your dailies in the office, never under-estimate the power of people no matter who they are. Never intentionally offend people. Never, ever spare the use of the three magic words “Please, Thank you and I’m Sorry” for there is a long life awaiting you after you step out the door.

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