Newly Released Gospel Singles by Jeremiah Oluwatoke- IYANU

“IYANU” is a song that depicts God’s Awesome Wonders and miracles. It proves that God listens & Surprises us with blessings despite Our Weaknesses. It is also a song of prayer for Mercy. IYANU is Written and composed by: Jeremiah Oluwatoke &JMC. &Produced by JM Boss. Jeremiah Oluwatoke is a Lover of GOD, Recording & Performing Artiste, a Music Trainer, Music Director, Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist … Continue reading Newly Released Gospel Singles by Jeremiah Oluwatoke- IYANU

Handling Worries and Frustrations

Occasionally I walk around in the metropolitan city of Lagos and I come across people, every day. some happy people, who despite the strenuous ways of making a living are fulfilled; some unhappy, despite calling the shots and ordering workers around; some frustrated, not knowing where the next meal will come from or even get a menial job to support dependent family members. Frustrations can … Continue reading Handling Worries and Frustrations

US Consulate Grant

U.S. Consulate General Lagos, The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Consulate General Lagos works with non-government organizations (NGOs), academic institutions and individuals to increase cooperation on issues of mutual interest. Contingent upon availability of funds, through small grants of less than $9,000, the U.S. Mission in Nigeria is able to provide financial support to a specific program or initiative that supports shared goals. Funded … Continue reading US Consulate Grant

An Enemy Called Average-Your Least Favourite Colour Should be beige

LOOKING INWARD- Welcome to the looking inward series. Over time in life, i have learnt that we shouldn’t at any point in time try to defend ourselves and situations. WE should choose to be a person who is on the offensive, not the defensive. People who live defensively never  rise above being average. Instead, take the initiative. Lukewarm, indecisive people are never secure, regardless of their wealth, … Continue reading An Enemy Called Average-Your Least Favourite Colour Should be beige

13th Walter Rodney Lagos Symposium

Hello Leaders! We are pleased to invite you to the 13th Walter Rodney Symposium hosted by the Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) in partnership with the Walter Rodney Foundation, Atlanta, GA, USA. The Symposium will host youth leaders from different cities within Nigeria, and would be broadcasted at the Walter Rodney Symposium, Atlanta, GA, USA. Venue:Modupe Hall,Ebute Road,Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Ibafo Bus Stop, Ogun State. … Continue reading 13th Walter Rodney Lagos Symposium

An Enemy Called Average- Intro

Welcome to the book review session with Tomiwa. I am pleased to share every book I read with you and I hope you would follow my every post and enjoy yourself while reflecting on the various messages from these article. Today I will start with the aforementioned caption, written by John Mason. Some years ago, a researcher decided to find the secret of success, he … Continue reading An Enemy Called Average- Intro

Youth and Graduate Empowerment Programme

It is almost quarter-to-recession, the economy is adversely declining, Nigeria’s currency is at the worst position ever in centuries. Despite many promises of change, the recent administration is and may not be able to reduce poverty, improve inclusiveness and encourage sustainability. Hence, it has fallen upon the youth (me and you), to find our rhythm and seeks for a solution and to end every form … Continue reading Youth and Graduate Empowerment Programme